A Journey Inside the Green Net House

Nurturing Nature A Journey Inside the Green Net House,Important Branches of Biology
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Green Net House

A Green Net House also known as a Shade Net House or Net House, is a structure that is enclosed by
agro nets or any other woven material. This structure allows the required sunlight, moisture and air to
pass through the gaps, creating an appropriate microclimate conducive to plant growth.
These houses are ideal for minimizing post-harvest crop damage and increasing marketable yield. The
netting is often 100% reusable and reinforced by a stainless steel wireframe. These sturdy, durable net
houses not only keep insects at bay but also inhibit harmful UV rays from reaching your crops.
There are different types of Net Houses, such as the Dome Type Shade Net house, which is a simple
geodesic dome made from flexible polyethylene. The shape allows the structure to hold itself up and
resist wind loads without stakes or guy lines.


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