Now UPI in UAE Ready Now 2024

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Now UPI in UAE

Certainly! UPI (Unified Payments Interface) has made its way to the United Arab
Emirates (UAE), allowing Indian travelers to make seamless payments using their
mobile phones. Here’s how it works:

  1. Partnership with NEOPAY: The National Payments Corporation of India
    (NPCI) has collaborated with Mashreq Bank’s NEOPAY to enable UPIbased
    payments in the UAE. NEOPAY terminals in UAE shops facilitate these
  2. Eligibility: Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) from several countries, including the
    UAE, can access UPI. NRIs with NRE/NRO bank accounts (Non-Resident
    External or Non-Resident Ordinary accounts) registered using international
    mobile numbers are eligible.
  3. How It Works:
    o Bank Account: Users need an Indian bank account linked to their
    mobile app (such as BHIM) that supports UPI payments.
    o NEOPAY Terminals: UPI payments are possible only at UAE shops
    equipped with NEOPAY terminals.
    o Bhutan and Nepal: Currently, UPI payments are also accepted in
    Bhutan and Nepal.
  4. Global Expansion: UPI is set to go live in Singapore by the end of this year,
    expanding its reach beyond India and neighboring countries.
  5. Benefits: With a significant Indian expat population in the UAE, having UPI as
    a payment method simplifies transactions for travelers. NRIs can now use their
    UAE mobile numbers linked to NRE/NRO accounts for UPI payments, Now UPI in UAE
    eliminates the need for an Indian mobile number.
Now UPI in UAE

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